First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Mobile Phone
About You
Number of adults living at address
Number of children living at foster address
If yes, how old are they?
What is your occupation status?
Approximately how many hours will the foster pet be without human company a day?
Are you applying to foster a particular animal? Ie from a foster call out.
If you work, does your job require regular travel?
Do you drive and own a car?
Do you have any medical conditions that might mean you'll require assistance at times with your foster pet, for example, in dog walking, attending vet visits, etc?
What animals would you like to foster?
How long will you be able to foster each animal for?
Are you willing and able to care for unwell and recovering animals? ie. cat flu.
Are you willing and able to care for animals with behavioural issues? ie. unsocial.
How many foster animals can you have at a time?
Can you only foster a specific gender animal? ie. Your pet is female dominant.
If applicable, how often will you be able to exercise your pet?
Do you agree that if you foster a dog that you will not let them off the lead in any public place (including fenced off-lead parks) or leave unsupervised, e.g. tied up outside a shop?
Fostering and Your Home
What type of property do you live in?
How would you describe your backyard
Where will your foster pet sleep?
Which areas of the house and / or yard will the foster pet have access to while you are out?
Is your backyard securely fenced?
If applicable, approximately how high are your fences at the lowest point?
Do you have outdoor shelter?
When will the foster pet be allowed inside?
Experience with Animals
Do you currently have dogs or cats as pets?
If yes, what pets do you have? ie. Species, breed, amount, gender, age, desexed, vaccinated.
Have you fostered animals for another organisation before?
If yes, whom for and how long for?
Do you have any other experience with animals?
Is there anything else about yourself or your situation you would like us to know to aid your application to foster?
Would you be interesting in any other areas of volunteering?
Where did you hear about fostering for us?
Do you consent to a house check?
Please take the time to carefully read our Foster Carer Agreement, in the terms and conditions, as it contains vital information if you wish to foster for us.