• Breed: Dmh
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Colour: Tortie And White
  • Gender: Female
  • Fee: $50

You can call this regal feline, Madame Marie or perhaps just Queen Bee. Like you might expect from a queen, Marie likes things done her way; she chooses her favourite human based on their ability to stroke her head in just the right way, she likes to play but as long as she doesn’t need to move too far or fast and she’s definitely not into sharing her favourite furry mink blanket. Marie would expect that she is only feline queen in the house as she likes her humans to be truly her subjects and not attending to a canine rival. But this finicky feline has an endearing side too - she’s quick to purr if you can find just the right spot, she loves a sunny place to snooze or maybe a spot on the couch next to you and she’s known to gently pummel her favourite blanket as cats do when they’re oh so happy. Marie’s lucious coat does need regular brushing which is made easier with a favourite treat at hand. She would be happiest in a quiet home with adults who can show her love and patience while building a bond. Food will be the best way to build trust with Marie as she understands that food is life. After she gets used to the sounds and smells of your home you will be rewarded with a loyal companion and a touch of royalty in your family. Is your home, Marie’s forever home?