Jett (Adopted)

  • Breed: German Shepherd X
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Colour: Black/tan
  • Gender: Male
  • Fee: $495

Jett is a big sweet boy who needs an experienced large-dog foster carer. Jett is quite content to be left alone during the day, he’s happy to sleep, roll on the grass and chew on a toy. He is well behaved and doesn’t chew anything he shouldn’t and doesn’t dig. He loves affection and will stick his head under your arm for a cuddle and a kiss. He walks beautifully on lead and loves to chase a ball or frisbee. Rescued from the pound he spent a few weeks at a boarding kennel and is now in short term foster care. He is having training and socialisation, and has emerged as an affectionate and gentle boy who is willing to learn. Jett has tested well with medium and large dogs, but will need gentle introductions. He would do well with a calm confident adult dog. He is crated trained, spending the night quietly in his crate and any time as needed during the day. Jett has some issues with his hips, like many of his breed, so he will need breaks from play so it doesn’t progress his arthritis too quickly. Can you give Jett a forever home, or even a short term loving home, to give him the chance to settle and let his true beautiful features shine through?