Buddy (adopted)

  • Breed: Greyhound
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Colour: Mixed
  • Gender: Male
  • Fee: $495

Buddy the greyhound just loves his humans and is patient and loving with even younger children. He would make a beautiful family pet as he likes to be involved with whatever is happening. If the kids are doing something, Buddy is there too. Buddy is pretty easy going and loves playing with rubber balls, race around the backyard and getting out and about on short walks. Half an hour is enough as greyhounds like Buddy don’t need much exercise and can sleep up to 16 hours a day! This guy has mainly been trained to race. Buddy’s human will need to show some patience and set up a good domestic routines for him to follow. He has recently started learning basic commands and responds to training very well as he loves his treats and rewards. He is intelligent, eager to please and willing to learn. Buddy so far isn’t too fussed on other dogs, and likes them to keep their distance. Buddy is de-sexed and up to date with vaccinations, worming and de-fleaing. Buddy is house-trained with varying levels of domestic commands and is generally in good health. Buddy has minor dental issues (Grade 2 decay) that can be monitored with routine veterinary care. It’s important to note that for his safety and under Victorian law, Buddy is not allowed off lead. More information is available here: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/pets/dogs/greyhounds If you think your home could be Buddy’s forever home, please get in touch to meet them today. Suitable for a cat free home only.