Mutley (adopted)

  • Breed: Staffy X
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Colour: Brindle
  • Gender: Male
  • Fee: $495

Mutley was rescued by Forever Friends Animal Rescue from a very dire situation where he was left abandoned in a backyard. When sweet little Mutley arrived in foster care, he was very underweight, covered in fleas, could barely walk and it was immediately evident he had troubles with his body. However, somehow he appeared to be one of the happiest dogs we have seen. Read more about Mutley's story here: Mutley is one of the kindest young dogs, who has SO much love to give. He has such a beautiful personality; he is fantastic with all dogs, good with cats and loves people very much. Mutley is confident and has a flexible personality to accommodate all different types of dogs. As he is quite young, he absolutely loves playing with dogs and toys, but understands that some dogs don’t like playing and will leave them be. Although he is young, he has never in the four months he’s been in foster care destroyed anything he shouldn’t! Mutley is unique in many ways. He has a wonky walk, difficulty standing independently and is incontinent. He was diagnosed with a subarachnoid cyst on his spine, intervertebral disc protrusion and fat infiltration. He has since had surgery to remove the cyst, and has experienced some improvements. He has had some nights without poo in his nappy, which has been a great development for him. Mutley has fairly good control of his bladder and can usually wait until he gets outside to go. He has less control of his bowels and often poos without much warning. Getting to know Mutley’s toileting routine certainly helps to manage this. Mutley’s foster carer can show potential adopters how to prepare a nappy for him. He will come decked out in trendy denim shorts, which help the nappy to stay on overnight! Mutley's forever home needs someone who is patient and understanding. He may never regain control over his urinary or bowel movements so his new home would need to be able to accept and love him how he is. If you are after the most beautiful, friendly and playful dog, and are willing to care for a dog who needs your assistance and love, Mutley could be the dog you’re after!